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At Tonys Automotive customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority

    The best way to achieve that is with a well running car and Preventive Maintenance plays a critical role. Most Toyota, Hondaant is regular visits to your Mechanic can detect a minor problem before it turns into a Major one (just like the Dentist when that cavity turned into a root canal) a small squeal over time can destroy the brake rotors. To ensure your vehicle receives the proper Secluded Maintenance we Have factory Recommended Service Requirements for all cars and trucks, Toyota, Honda, European and Domestic. Having your Secluded Maintenance performed at Tonys Automotive will not void your factory warranty under most circumstances. Another thing to do is listen to your car. You know it better than anyone else. If it is making noise, acting funny or just getting lousy gas mileage, do not ignore it, just call or come by and we will check it out for you free of charge!. Also remember to occasionally check where you park for leaks. A small coolant leak can cause a blown head gasket quite quickly.

Preventive Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

When you  fill up with gas check your oil and tire pressure, its easy and we will be happy to show you how.

Planning a trip?

Stop by our auto repair shop in Mission Viejo and let us check your car you before you go, remember it's free.

Pay attention to your car. it will make smells, noises and even shake and wiggle. These are all signs that your car needs a check up. Help us catch that repair while its still a small one.

If you have serious problem, don't try to "limp" your car home. Call us and will have your car towed or you can park it but don't drive it and aggravate the problem more.

Take It Easy. Heavy braking, Fast accelerating and tight cornering can take a heavy toll over time and can lead to various  premature component Failures.

Remember; every once in a while Check under your car for leaks and please call us at Tonys Automotive with any of your Preventive Maintenance problems  or questions

How is this Related to Preventive Maintenance?

A shiny new wrench (or a flashy website) does not make a quality auto repair, the expertise and Training of the mechanic does. All the Preventive Maintenance in the world will not protect you from an unskilled or dishonest auto repair mechanic who never seems to get the repair service done right.

Our Credentials

Mark Brown (Owner/Operator)is a ASE Certified Master Mechanic Level One, the highest Auto repair Certification available. Tony's Automotive is  licensed by the BAR. We are now also an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop.
Auto repair in Mission Viejo

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Mission Viejo, Ca. 92691
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Service Mileage Interval Time Interval
Check Oil,Tire Pressure and Radiator Overflow Reservoir At Fuel Fill Up At Fuel Fill Up
Oil/Filter Change 3,000 Per Mileage
Brake Repair/Inspection 12,000 As Required
Coolent Flush 50,000 Per Mileage
Timing Belt 65,000 Per Mileage